Superstructure/ Outline
The main feature of the Bridge is the three-span continuous self-anchored suspension bridge. The main design considerations for the suspension bridge were functionality as highways and railways and symbol of Korean raditional culture.

The shape of the cable and the stiffened girder was designed to symbolize the eaves of the traditional Korean Kiwa House. The 550 m long suspension bridge has the center span of 300 m and the side spans of 125 m.
The main cables of the suspension bridge takes the 3 dimensional shapes. The stiffening girder of the suspension bridge is the stiffening truss type to keep the uniformity with the neighboring approach truss bridges. The upper deck of the girder is the steel box which also act as the upper cord of the truss.

Unlike the typical truss bridge, the lower chord as well as the upper chord, the steel box, of the stiffening truss are subjected to the compression because of force transferred from the main cables.


■ Main Members

Now that the bridge is composed of road and railways, members for the bridge were classified by three types according to the load ratio;Road member, Railway member, Combined member. The towers and the lower deck are the road member, the cross beam and the middle vertical member are the railway member, and the rest of the members are the combined member. Lower lateral bracings are installed to resist wind load.
보강형트러스 Stiffening Truss
Main Tower
접속트러스 Approach Truss
강합성교 Steel Box Girder Bridge