Airport Faclities  

Passenger Terminal Building
The single terminal building covers 496,000§³ on six levels. It is capable of 6,400 passengers and 32,000 bags per hour. The concession area is 35,000§³ and includes a mini-hotel, a business center, fitness center/sauna, fashion boutiques and restaurants.
Two parallel independent 3,750m runways and aprons which can accommodate 60 aircraft at a time and next-generation 600-ton class aircraft as well

Constructed on a site of 247,000§³, the Transportation Center has parking lots for 5,000 vehicles. The railway station is located on the fourth underground level.
Air Control Tower
The air traffic control tower is 100.4m high with a diameter of 9m. Its total floor space is 2,760§³. A complex of earthquake-resistant systems is installed at the tower against an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.
Cargo Terminal
The cargo terminal can handle 27 million passengers and 1.7 million tons of cargo per year. It is constructed as privatized capital projects.

Other Support Facilities
Cogeneration plant (127MW and 306Gcal per hour of heat energy production capacity),refueling facility, catering facility, and maintenance facility are constructed. ?Other Support

  State-of the-art System  
Navigation Safty Facilities
  ¢ºNavigation Control System

- Terminal VHF Omni-Range and Distance Measuring Equipment (TVOR/DME)Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
- Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR), Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR )

¢ºInstrument Landing System (ILS)

- For Inchon International Airport, CAT-III level facilities for CAT
-IIIa operation will be installed. With Category
-IIIa ILS, landings will be possible with visibility down to 200 meters.

¢ºIntegrated Meteorological Information System

- Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)

- Terminal Doppler Weather Radar(TDWR) Automatic Cargo Transfer System - equipment for automatic transfer, loading, and sorting of cargoIntegrated Information & Communication Systems(IICS)

- highly efficiency airport operation and system for air traffic control, security, facility, airport management, operation, fire, and communication.
  Environment Protection Facilities  
Automated Remote Environment Management System (TMS)
  - guarantees a perfectly environmentally

-friendly urban surrounding with no aircraft noise and pollution problems. Recycling Water System (Gray Water System)

- recycling water systems is adopted which also significantly reduce negative environment-al impact.

- Used water from the terminal, support facilities, and International Business Center will be collected, treated and recycled. Landscaping

- The entrance and exit areas of the airport access roads are decorated with flowering trees and plants.

- The atrium of the passenger terminal is designed with many trees and natural lighting.
  International Business Center and Aero City  
  International Business Center, comprising 16.5 hectares will be built to the south of the passenger terminals. The IBC will become an arena for international business activities with its 24-hour operations. Its prime location will attract commercial enterprises such as hotels, exhibition centers, recreation facilities,office buildings, shopping centers, and international conference centers. Two hotels(550 rooms and 470 rooms), 5-hectare commercial facilities, 5-hectare office buildings, and theme parks will be developed for both business and leisure activities.