Major Facilities /Yeongjong Grand Bridge  
The Yeongjong Grand Bridge is 4,420m long and incorporated three different structural systems: Suspension bridge (550m), truss bridge (2,250m), and steel box bridge (1,620m). The Bridge has double decks to carry a six-lane highway on the upper deck and a four-lane highway and dual rail lines on the lower deck. The suspension bridge is a 3-dimensional self-anchored suspension bridge. The shape of the cable and the stiffened girder was designed to symbolize the eaves of the traditional Korean Kiwa House.

 Banghwa Bridge  

The Banghwa Bridge, the 27th bridge to span Korea's Han River, is a balanced arch truss type bridge with a total length of 2,559 meters. The impressive arch truss alludes to the beauty of an airplane taking off. The Bridge provides a striking harmony to the Han River and its surroundings environments.


 Gaehwa Tunnel  

Passing through Mt. Gaehwa, the Gaehwa Tunnel features three lanes of traffic in each direction. The length of north lanes is 635m and that of south lanes is 630m. At the exit of north lanes, an artificial tunnel was erected to limit traffic noise and dust.



 Road Section  

The Incheon International Airport Expressway(main road : 36.5Km, branch : 3.7Km) Constitues of a six-lane road between the Bungno JCT and the No-oji JCT(8.2Km) and an eight-lane road between the No-oji JCT and the Airport Town Square IC(28.3Km). The Gyeongin channel will be constructed on the north of the Expressway and the Incheon International Airport Rail will be constructed on the south of the Expressway.